My thoughts on some changes for reinforcement etc

First of all you have made an amazing game, well done .
Im enjoying it so much
However i think that the reinforcement mechanism will be much better if half the team would be revived each time, for example if 2 person are killed by predator only 1 will return via reinforcement , if 3 of them die the 2 of them return and so on

Regarding who is chosen to be returned, i suggest the player with the highest overall score (xp) in this much, and the one wich hasn’t contributed to the team (no predator damage ,no bot kills) will be left out

In that way all players will fight for their second chance, maybe this will make some people more aggressive reducing the “camping” and making the separate more often

Another suggestion for another topic is night mode , it will be more intense to try hide from predator while he has the heat vision while fireteam has nothing, or even better make nightvision with a battery meter which charges when it is not on, and it will deplete while active

Another “fancy” change would be the option to choose execution style when killing as the predator but that is more like a fashion thing

Thanks for hearing me out!

Welcome. Glad you’re enjoying the game. They don’t listen to player feedback. We’ve been asking for a lot of this since release.

James Cameron welcomes your feedback but must agree with Weevo. We have requested these things many times. It seems as though all of our requests go through a translator of some description before the devs read them. This translator seems to convert all of our cool ideas into requests for shaders and FT buffs. It really is a silly translator.

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That’s pretty sad
This game has some serious potential of being truly great

It does. I love the ideas about the night hunt. I’ve been wanting that since the game came out. And the night vision idea is just icing on the cake. But i don;t like the reinforcement idea. If you call in for reinforcements, you need all the people you can get, and leaving someone out can effect your chances at winning.

You may enjoy it but objectively it’s an awful game

Don’t worry you’ll see

Screws over that one person though

Especially if the reason why they have a low score is because they were outed early to no fault of their own do to basic pre prioritisation

And TBH FT can do without reinforcements