Mythic drop rate reduced?

Goodmorning hunters!

Ok, so I open A LOT of field lockers daily. Well, over the past week I’ve noticed that I haven’t got a single mythic drop. At first I was just thinking that maybe my luck has run out but after last night’s opening session I figured that I’d post something up to see if anyone else has noticed the same.

I’m not getting a single mythic drop anymore… like zero. Anyone else have this happening? I half wonder if the recent hot fix somehow affected the drop rate.

Thanks all in advance!


Everytime I’ve gotten a mythic, it’s been a shader, the only mythic trophy I have is the African Dagger, and that’s because im lvl 206

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Just keep trying, you’re probably on a run of bad luck.

The first one I opened yesterday dropped the alien skull trophy 😁


I guess I’m having an uber run of crap luck then. I’ll have to buy a few hundred more and then get my duplicate. 😭