Neca Friday the 13th : Ultimate New Blood Jason

It’s official. Keeping fingers crossed for 1/4 scale version. Lookout for lawsuit update in the next few days! Maybe this is good news for the game and movies!

Check it out!

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I’m still waiting for Uber jason and grendel map 😞

Unfortunately I lost my hope for it

Me too. Can you imagine that games resurgence if that happened? Biggest comeback in gaming history?

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Yh definitely

It is possible, they could really push up graphics and release it in next gen as a remaster and continue support. Plus it seems they’ve been pretty low key when it comes to games Gun Media that is. So, it’s possible

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GunMedia would be extremely foolish to not follow through given they had a chance to do so.

WB lifted it’s restrictions on the figures being released. That’s why NECA is able to resume production of F13 figures. The two grumpy old men are still bickering, so the lawsuit is still going.

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Yes, but it is going to end very soon as they are awaiting a final verdict. So this means the verdict is impending.

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It’s up for pre-order now if anyone’s interested. Set for Dec release.

I got my pre-order in. Hopefully they start production on the rest of the Jason’s soon.

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Me too. I’m hoping for the 1/4 scale versions.