NECA / KennerToy’s AVP Clan Leader Predator Build & Audio Lore

((WELCOME WELCOME EVERYONE! I’m so excited to share this new step for the channel where new Build videos will have Audio Lore from both the Predator / Yautja Universe & Original Writing! I wanted to give a special thanks to “ZIGGY” from The Nomad Clan Discord for lending their voice for the Audio, ZIGGY may have been the Audio Narrator of the Lore Story but I’m thinking maybe this could be the Voice of the Nomad Yautja / Predator. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video and can’t wait to share more in the coming days^^))

PS: I know there have been some changes to how the audio lore is presented, my team and I agree that a new change of vocals and style is what’s needed. I just wanted to let y’all know that is happening but due to this the video will take alittle while longer to eventually be released. This will be the last of the “Deep Voice” recordings from my VA, but anyways I still hope you enjoy!



I was trying to go for a Yautja Speaking English kinda voice, but due to resent complaints and valid points, it’ll become less frequent though I’m excited to show future videos with the new style we are going for^^


You sound like a battle droid who’s 14 years old and emo who listens to my chemical romance

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It’s actually not my voice😶
I’m not the one voice acting

Dang who was it

You’ll never know


Was it the poor male yautja you keep chained in your basement as a sex slave?

I know it’s @Ziggy but who is he

Jesus dude dial it back lol

He was a fan, literally that’s it. I did a casting call for VA and many people sent in requests.

I am the best voice actor


All me singing