Need all available item slots filled or your loadout will reset

I noticed this today with some testing.
I removed one item from all of my Pred and it’s the same with all. As soon as one item is removed there will be no perks shown and after a match, the class weapons and perks will be reset.

Pictures for proof

With slots filled:
Screenshot (428)

With one removed:
Screenshot (429)

Please @OldKingHamlet, @Courier take a look into this.

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It is true, I have been saying it for a long time to users who complain about this problem, they must all be complete


Well, that wasn’t the case for me before. I just noticed it on my Samurai as I wanted to give him different items and suddenly he was reset after the clash match.
It’s not connected to any weapon since I have different ones on nearly every loadout.

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Mhmmm weird!

So what if you have available gear points left does it still reset??

I have the 1 specialized to play the other 11 I only have them to see the skins

I think that filling the points is left over, although there is an empty slot, the important thing is to fill all the points

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That explains it! I didn’t have any of these loadout problems until I started monkeying around with my fireteam settings for clash

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It’s different for the Valkyrie.
In one loadout I got the audio decoy + medikit = 7/9 and the other is motion detector + medikit = 8/9.
You need to have at least two items with her, but there can be space left. But as soon as I remove one of the other items it’s the same for her with the perks not being shown.

I haven’t done anything with the modifications in private match and noticed it with my Samurai as I wanted to give him Beartraps and when going back there were no perks. And then after the match his weapons, perks and items were reset.

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