I like game.


Where’s the “I like turtles” guy when you need him?


I like turtles

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You’re wrong a little. I posted in my post read it, phrase about perfect pred was adressed to all those who speak that they win every game…

It wasn’t Hipster who got reinforced, it was Justagai.
It had to be Azarro that was shooting you.

I don’t think this was cheating.

Although it could have been a glitch.
Check out this video I posted.

My mistake i got the names mixed up hipster with justagai 989, it doesn’t matter, only possibility was azzarro, this guys video proves nothing for his argument, you don’t know what i saw, it wasnt lag gaming though this game has so many bugs its quite possible, i was behind the truck unless azzarro had a clear sight on me idk why he wouldn’t claim to be dealing the killing blows in aftermath game report, they were just making fun of me cuz i called out what i believe cheating to be. And at the end after i call out cheating @Ruso says hell post this video to prove what? I didnt complain of low graphics cheaters like you did, i was being straight shot out of nowhere,
watch this video starting at the 6:15 mark and the same thing that happens to this guy started to happen to me.

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Interesting video from Shifo. I hadn’t seen that one.

The ‘cheater’ in that was actually the PS4 player who left the game at the end.
Seeing as PS4 players aren’t known for ‘hacks’, I expect it’s still more of a desync kind of issue.
Or maybe exploiting a deliberate glitch in some way.

FRESHDEATH87 has 1490 xp at 6:35 and 1785 at 6:52, while the others remained almost the same.

im telling you thats what happened to me unfortunately only video i have to go by is Rusos which doesn’t show shit except their location at the time of death before blow up, and if it wasnt cheats i want they should be OK with a rematch the guy says at the end hell post the video after asking me like who was cheating how DA FUQ should i know who it was, just look at their pred damage after the round like its all below 1000

Yeah, I couldn’t tell from the video either.
I was hoping there would be some more instances of the scoreboard, so maybe we could look at XP counts or something, but there was very little.

Only time it came up was after you died, so yeah.

Not to mention this whole argument of low graphics is cheating is bullshit i changed my settings from cinematic to low mid game it really doesnt make much difference and NO when settings are low your cloak doesn’t automatically stop working when your standing still thats been debunked.

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100% agree on that.
I’ve been saying from the start that the only thing that matters is draw distance.

PS4 players just have it in their head it provides this massive advantage, because they can’t tweak it.
Not to mention PS4 draw distance is the equivalent to ‘medium’ by default anyway.

Everyone just wants to make excuses all the time.

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a game like this will not do well when you can literally turn graphics to nothing and the predator needs those things to survive and fight…

Turn down shadows and terrian and the advanatge is in FTs favor because the pred sticks out like a sore thumb

i wanted to help you to show comunity how did you get shot. No bad intensions at all

Well perhaps i overeacted, but at the end of the day if that was the case, your video has shown nothing since you were not the one to kill me.

Oh yeah ?

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I’ll upload video where i use low graphics playing as FT and its fuckin cheating…you will see.

!!! PC !!!

I repeat, @IllFonic please implement complete invisibility for predator during movement with 100m away distance.

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you insisted on leaping too much … on your second leap you could already be aware that they had at least two players very well positioned. But you insisted on being hit, until the end, even without being healed.

Jesus fucking christ…That was such bullshit i felt it in my soul

I agree, i play sniper and love when preds leap alot easy to hit while in the air.

now its easy to hit snipers with plasma spam… I love snipers now