Nerf Plasmagun

When I play the supporter who has a “Resistance against Explosions” and still get downed with 1 shot than I ask myself why do I play a slow caracter that is downed and killed as easy as the spotter?

Oof, good luck with this opinion. VERY few ppl here would want to see a nerf to the plasma cannon.

As for your being downed, were you next to an explosive barrel? Already missing some health? I don’t believe the plasma canon can one shot anyone, even after it’s fully charged. I could be wrong on that tho.

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A full charged shot does. Maybe exept the support with the right perks. But it needs to be a direct hit

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Ah good to hear. Iv yet to hit anyone with a full charged direct shot. Have downed plenty with environmental explosions tho.

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PC full charge can not 1 shot any class. Even with down range equipped and at point blank against a recon. So I doubt that it would 1 shot a support in the matter. The bow cant even 1 shot head shot either. So other factors had to be in play. I will test it either way just to make sure there isn’t a bug.

Haha damn all this conflicting information

Thats my main playstile and I pretty much 1 hit people with direct hits even without downrange perk

Devilsspawn on pc add me we can double check and confirm right now.

Maybe they’ve already been damaged? By the AI maybe?

That i can never know thats true. I was simply sharing my experience.

Can’t add you atm. I’m at work. You can add me if you wan’t to test later -> pixLxL. But im in the EU region

sent. there is a few things i would like to test.

Are you insane?


No and it happend already a few times before I wrote it here. If it is a full charged direct hit you go down and then 1 sec later you get killed with the same method.

A little bit. Thanks for asking

I have an idea for what you can Nerf, boy…

@Courier You guys need to tone down the Plama gun, it’s had its fun but it needs some sort of drawback, thanks for making an OP weapon.

No you dont. My play style aswell. It takes one full and one regular blast from the shoulder to down a scout, 1 full 2 short burst to recon amd assault and 2 full charged shots and 2 burst to down a support and dutch.

I need to ask… Did u cry, rage or u were scared?

Plasma cannon is fine plasma pistol is annoying af the only thing I would change about about plasma pistol is have it remove cloak while being used.