Nerf Plasmagun

Devilsspawn on pc add me we can double check and confirm right now.

Maybe they’ve already been damaged? By the AI maybe?

That i can never know thats true. I was simply sharing my experience.

Can’t add you atm. I’m at work. You can add me if you wan’t to test later -> pixLxL. But im in the EU region

sent. there is a few things i would like to test.

Are you insane?


No and it happend already a few times before I wrote it here. If it is a full charged direct hit you go down and then 1 sec later you get killed with the same method.

A little bit. Thanks for asking

I have an idea for what you can Nerf, boy…

@Courier You guys need to tone down the Plama gun, it’s had its fun but it needs some sort of drawback, thanks for making an OP weapon.

No you dont. My play style aswell. It takes one full and one regular blast from the shoulder to down a scout, 1 full 2 short burst to recon amd assault and 2 full charged shots and 2 burst to down a support and dutch.

I need to ask… Did u cry, rage or u were scared?

Plasma cannon is fine plasma pistol is annoying af the only thing I would change about about plasma pistol is have it remove cloak while being used.

Are you talking about the Plasma Caster or the Plasma Pistol?

The Plasma Caster has already been nerfed, a fully charged single shot used to down players — but has been nerfed not to do so several patches ago. But the uncharged shots ow do increased damage. I’m fine with what @IllFonic did.

The Plasma Pistol was useless before and it’s damage was buffed — so it’s okay to use now.

Neither should be nerfed, you most-likely were either injured and not a full health or an environmental explosion occurred as you were shot by a gasoline can or explosive barrel.

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Yeah there’s been times where I’ve been at full health and then get downed and be like wtf then noticed the exploded barrel nearby.

it can down a class with 125 hp with down range still in one headshot on paper the best perks in the game are branch master, impenetrable and large pouc. Being able to take 12 50 cal shot is huge an gamebreaking… no way a single shot sniper is gonna hit you with all 12… and if he does hill be out of ammo soon
All you do is get the camps fully lit…go around and destroy every FT cashe, medical supplies and anything that can help them… let the fight go 15 min… most of them dont start objectives till 10 min if you pressure premades. They want to snipe stay near the trees and use awskward movements… the dmg is laughable with combined perks

plasma canon damage stats are

full charge 120 W buff 132 W OLWF 114
i believe base shots do around 50 damage with it incresing and decreasing by 10% with the buffs respectively

as you can tell here the plasman canon does not one shot any of the classes in the game without Down range so if your support this absolutly didn’t one shot you sorry maybe make sure you have more than 130 hp? before lying your ass off

dont forget plasma headshots they do increase dmg… I can confirm I one shot people still… Or they are not running the hp perk

They nerfed it ages ago to where it’s no longer a one hit down just another nerf baby whiner to add to the swarm of them.

Can also depend on class but I don’t believe it one shots unless they changed it back (a scout one shot I could possibly believe but idk)