@Mith ??

Yeah, he has but I think I got close to beating him a few times. He’s a good predator, he’s not a predator that I can beat by myself while carrying three potatoes.

1v1 doesn’t count

I probably would have beat him if I had some good teammates by my side

Sorry bro , I meant your in game name

Same as here, Fearerchannel

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Double the health and damage of AI at a minimum and triple the amount of them. Make boars 3 times bigger, with at least 5 times more health, make them aggressive with a charge attack that does the same damage and bleed as a heavy axe hit and a regular attack equivalent to a light axe hit. This will in no way improve the game other than to make each round a nightmare (hopefully)

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This will literally kill this game since the game can barely handle the current amount there is. If there were triple the amount, the game would always crash or just blow up your system. I am for this.

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I like that Idea, then you will see the common potato die from AI even more often, besides even more funny scenes where whole potato teams get obliterated by pigs.


in this game there is no 1v1, and also with their damage buff, is more like 8 vs 1… btw its estadistical imposible that he allways played with potatoe players.

I’ve fallen off this game. The devs suck ass and their work ambitions and motivation suck just as much ass as they do… this game is left for dead @IllFonic you suck ass at what you do.

Hurry up and go bank rupt so your shit studio disintegrates away like Thanos snapping His fingers .

Seriously @IllFonic, Saber interactive deserves this pred IP not you

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Studio? have you seen the illfonic studio? it is a department in an office building with 4 computers… how are they going to be able to run a game like this with a central headquarters like that?
and the money that 20 century studios gives them for being a canonical game? no one knows… can you imagine the game run by blizzard? that would be a wet dream

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Since this is a balance thread

Most are lucky, you only get 1 or 2 ft players like this and is enough to realize how broken it is, try 4 at once like. You don’t know what pain is.

Not to mention the trash that is spotting


release JH87 for everyone please

buff FT

I agree.
Buff JH
Nerf Axe.

Buff JH
Buff Axe

Buff framerate
Buff balance
Buff actual content
Nerf bugs
Nerf dev incompetence
Nerf scummy practices

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i want the axe buffed.
it also needs splash damage

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