net shooter

I think it’s a mistake to have the web shooter as one of the secondary weapons.
In fact the net launcher is on the same level as the bear traps, basically it should be part of the equipment and not a weapon as such, since it is made to catch and shoot the prey.
I think that’s something Illfonic should keep in mind.

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New weapon for pred and put net gun as a gear.


I mean…you are sort of right because bear trap does exactly the same thing


I think it would be compatible since for me one of the best DLCs is the city hunter and I would like to see him with the spear, with the smartdic and with his net launcher xD
In addition, this gives us many more possibilities and as you say, they could implement a new weapon.
In fact the team of the predators is very poor, we hardly have any yautja equipment.

Exactly, it’s basically the same thing and that’s why it should be part of the team and not the secondary armament

Now you’re at it, it could also be added bleed damage if netted against wall/ground. As in AVP.


the net gun has no bleed damage in the game? I thought so.

The nets should be gear like the wrist launcher

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They bleed for a small amount of HP then stop.

You can forever stay in a net with no HP decrease after the initial dmg.


They should change that, the network should be able to do unlimited damage

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