Netgun is to large

Since we are picking on how inaccuret City Hunter is - netgun needs to be reduced in size by about 35%. Also please remove netting from his left arm, this was requested before DLC came out. You’ve got it right first time with 87 Pred, there should be no problem with this one. Thanks!

@Courier can you please pass this on? Thanks!

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It would be nice if they slimmed down the shoulders just a bit.

CH looks like he’s been juicing.

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Now when I think of it… he should have scout’s body I think.

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He does look a little swole. Must have been hitting the gym after getting his ass kicked by Mike “I’m too old for this shit” Harrigan. I mean i would…


IMHO, the size of the netgun on screen in game and in other product shots looks awesome.Its an improvement. No change needed.

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tbh one can totally look at it like that, it dose look more agressive. To please all, just add another weapon “City Hunter netgun” and problem is solved!