Never Change This Predator Buff

All shall be bonked!!! Axe be fire though (now at least)

The Axe is the weapon that makes weak players look good. It’s probably the most OP weapon in this game. No special skill is required. Just run and swing. Parry it it’s extremely rare to get it. Run from it, also.
I sincerely hope they nerf it ASAP.

Takes skill to aim it at the right time hehe, and to avoid the L2 swing just keep moving left and right

The axe tracking is way too wide. Even if you do that, you get hit 4 out of 5 times.

Oh well, if the predator is swinging the axe, make sure your FT lights em up

Or at least sacrifice them to shoot him

I’m actually a decent player. I run the same build as Thunderwolf and its a challenge but its a lot of fun and makes me think and act fast. But my main lately is Valk/Fearless/Axe/Ghost, because yes, its cheap, but its fun for me, and isn’t that what matters? Especially when “fun” and this game are no longer synonymous?

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Same can be said about most fireteam weapons. Its easy to win while running hammerhead, sawz, 1011-12. Just point and click with hitscan.

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You can’t compare that.
You can only melt a Pred like that if he stays still long enough… Same can not be said by using the Axe.
It’s basically swing, bit, down, claim, repeat.
Only thing you need to worry is to not get caught while healing.

With a Premade? Sure. But even in that situation it’s extremely easy for the Pred to down 1 or 2 FT before 2nd wind.
With randoms? Impossible.

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Sacrifice the random on your team, it’s what I do everytime a pred runs axe

And what if you’re the random and get down in the 1st minute? Still fun?

Well then that sucks, I just move on to the next match, I don’t get mad

The Predator can miss with the Axe, you can jump sideways to dodge it. Even if you get hit with the heavy attack you can still move around while using a syrette right away to heal and not be downed before the Predator can do the next attack, used objects and enviromnents to make it harder for the Predator to hit you. Done that. Its possible to still melt a Predator fast even if he is moving.

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