New 007 game

Io Interactive just teased a new game. Multiplayer looks like golden eye


🎵 DA DA🎵

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I hope it looks like a modern version of a Goldeneye, I loved that game but recently saw it being played again and couldn’t believe how bad the graphics were. It’s hard to imagine how many hours I spent playing it on a quarter of a old style tv screen.

Thanks for letting us know, I really hope they have a match making system that is skill based.


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Surprise! The developers of Hitman are making a Bond game!

This has me very excited.


IO is perfect for the task!

Hopefully we can make our own 00 Agent rather than any of the actors

Can’t wait for Hitman III !!

Gonna get the hitman hd collection soon

Maybe they will see this and get a sp pred game going

They would be perfect for that also

They’ve been doing stealth action games for a long time

aweasome. canrt wait