New -1 Bug, now in the Menus too. (Steam & Epic)

For two weeks I’m now having this Bug happen, sometimes it works flawlessly, but now I got it for two days constantly.
Whenever I leave a lobby or match and go back to the main menu, I see my veritanium displayed as -1, and after one second I drop out of the menu, getting an error message that my connection is lost, but the game immediately reconnects and I get back to the menu.
The issue here is that it makes playing in a party pretty impossible and it’s super annoying.

What I have done so far:
-checked my internet connection, but that’s clearly not the problem here.
-Reinstalled the game twice
-checked the installed files multiple times <- it always downloads a file, but this doesn’t help at all.
-deleted the local files Usersettings.sav and Platformsettings.sav
-played without crossplay, unlinked and relinked accounts multiple times
None of the above fixed the issue.

-installed the game on Epic, the issues are even worse there, I cannot even get into the game.

The only thing left that I could do is sacrifice this small kitten here, please don’t make me do it.

I have that issue from time to time on ps5 too. But very rare.

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