New aliens game I Guess...

When I saw the announcement of Aliens Dark Descent 20 minutes ago on avpgalaxy I was like “ho damn let’s go !” Then I Saw the three seconds of gameplay, and I fucked up😭😭😭. Why in hell did they make an Alien STRATEGY GAME that fucks the entire franchise with zombies😭😭😭

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I’m always down for more Aliens games

The gameplay looks kinda rough though

Oh it’s a RTS type game?

Was never a fan of those

its been a while but we all know either its sketchy or completely fit for the pit.
There was a cancelled RTS aliens game and so many knock offs. There was one with xenos and animal hosts on a colony that was cancelled. never really saw any concept art out of that one.
If the next teaser doesn’t show any competent gameplay mechanics then you might as well write it off.

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guhh that looks terrible

Yeah, I think we are all ok to Say that the alien franchise doesnt go with a team stategy gameplay. Of course there was alien blackout, an alien game with a completely different gameplay from what they’re used to be, and it was actually pretty decent. But this game looks like they wanted to make a zombie horror game and they put the alien franchise to justify their story😑

I prefer this one:

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Had us in the first half ngl

99% of the video was not the game. The script was terrible. voice acting pretty good though.
I thought I heard Peter Weller (robocop) inthere.

We literally get 3 seconds of gameplay.

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Single Player


Wtf? When was the last purely single player RTS? Who is this for?

Hope space marine 2 is better

Space marine 2 has to be good or the riots ensue. Also darktide looks AMAZING

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Lol I can only imagine 😆

and ya it dose hopefully those devs at fat shark do such a good job we will get a battlefield or call of duty like Guardsmen game were we walk along side titans on a large scale battlefield!


Looks like Terminator more than

the new Diablo is my preferred tone and feel and level of detail I expect from these rts games. But I’m sure Aliens game rts will be pretty simple. Place turrents, let your team melt aliens, and a lead hacks a computer. Rinse and repeat. Not sure how long it will last without further gameobjectives.

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Lol it’s going to be auto turrets afk game where you go on and probably claim rewards to customize “colors” lol

thats an ipad type of game. Considering we do this already in AFTE, then what is the point of this new rts? BTW, Cold Ion studio got bought out in April again.


i lied. that was last years

Lol man what’s with companies being bought, first Xbox and now this lol

Allows them to pay off the dev expenses. i guess.