unless you already know about…

I escaped in helo… my other teammate went for reinforcements… I got reinforced. WTF!!!

Yep, known fun “bug”

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Welcome back


There is no I in TEAM

I think it’s an oversight.
The game as far as I presume considers exfil a death state but fulfilling the criteria of using the chopper activated the escape cutscene.

No one would or should be at reinforcement within the last 20-30 seconds of a match so the devs didn’t consider anybody being over there resulting in the game taking everyone dead off the bench.

Though you can bleed out in the chopper if you somehow get in it so perhaps someone isn’t considered dead but out of the game but nobody considered respawn and thus you’re brought back in.

true and sad

I would have probably said this exact thing, had it happened to me. 😂

We’ve had matches were a FT member appears as “dead” to whoever is playing pred, yet he is still alive and playing and show alive for the rest of the team.

We’ve also experienced missions that bug out because one sole FT was left to bleed out at the objective, so the timer kept running for that FT but not for the rest.

Geez this game is a wreck 😞

What about this bad boy!!!