New Classes and Perk Suggestions (F.T. 2024)

-If possible could we get some new fire team characters that their passive perks revolve around certain special guns?

•Example: a new class that revolves around using the mini gun to start the spin faster and able to sprint using the mini gun.

-For perks something to give fireteam to have a little more survivability in solo queue.

•Example: After picking up a fireteam member, that picked up player will get a temporary health, damage reduction, and movement speed boost for 6 seconds. It’ll help to avoid being immediately downed/killed again. But to makes sure medic classes don’t abuse it, make it cost 7 perk points or have limited usage.

•A crouching movement speed perk for fireteam would be great to go with spotter

this is a joke right? and what would the predator get in return to compensate to balance it out because the predator already got nerfed on his 2 primary weapons and you want these buffs? lol. for the predator doing what hes meant to do down or kill. so you want to be able to run with a mini gun? the mini gun just got a buff what more do you want a free escape a temporary health damage reduction … no thats just a bad route or thing for the game not a healthy change. so to punish the predator for doing what hes meant to do? the ft is op as it is without making it more powerful

I had already thought about a fireteam with no fall damage, incendiary grenade, claymor for the fireteam and a gadjet which can make an airdrop of a supply or resuscitation crate but visible to the predator

I never said anything about a free escape. I want the game to feel like a real tug of war battle, back and forth. That being said, making more things viable to keep gameplay not so reparative is a great way to create more “play styles” to explore.

The predator could wait out the 6 seconds by targeting someone else to spread the damage out or if they really wanted too, they could keep attacking the same person. I’m not asking for massive buffs, but just slight buffs to allow that “downed” FT member to pop a stim or buy enough time to recuperate in some way to stay engaged during the match, rather than instantly going down again.

-My reasoning is to keep gameplay engaging because it doesn’t feel that great when the predator just downs the recently downed player instantly again.

-The mini gun. Although it did get a recent buff. I personally haven’t been experiencing it to be threatening enough when I play as the Predator.
Since I know how slow they still are, I just net gun mini gun users and it’s pretty much game over for them (in solo queue). I personally think allowing them to Sprint or spin the Gatling slightly faster to allow them to begin shooting wouldn’t be that much of a big deal based off a class rather than a basekit rework/buff

As for fireteam being overpowered I do agree with that, when they’re extremely experienced because I’ve had a match as predator where I was basically instantly killed. But that was because they were using the M14 and someone was really good at sniping. Other than that I’ve managed to get pretty good kills especially with the recent Branch movement I really love rn wasting fireteams ammo.

I personally don’t really like the idea of no fall damage as a perk, since it doesn’t really seem to be that much damage in my opinion unless they increase fall damage, then maybe?

A perk that makes flame grenades would be interesting. But would require nerfing base nade damage in return for flame damage. Depending how the fire would be implemented as a mechanic. If it was to linger on the predator then definitely like a 30% explosion dps nerf but with a set duration for bleed damage, around 5 seconds more or less could be interesting.
Or it could be where it does 50% less explosion damage but upon explosion it releases a fire field within a 20ish meter radius or something like that could be an interesting way to keep predators off rooftops to safely rescue a down fireteam member or relive pred range pressure in some way.

As for the other things those sound more like equipment stuff rather than perks. So, I’d rather not really get into those.

that wouldnt be a tug of war it would be completely one sided the predator gets punished having to wait around with an annoying mechanic. 6 seconds is alot in the grand scheme of things spreading the damage out? and if no other ft is around. this just screams dead by daylight mindset to me second chance bs or mechanic … the idea of it. so by that then the predator loses momentum for doing his objective. the devs take away play style by nerfing the pred and fucking around with the “balance” when the games buggy as shit. they cant implement anything without fucking it up the game has bugs from day 1 release. this game is going down a bad path and not good. predators wont put up with this idea if they implemented it 6 second bs crap of invincibility while running away. no no and just no.

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It’s not invincibility. It’s just to allow the player to get through certain animations if they’re fast enough.
It’s a good thing you mentioned for if there’s no fire team around if this perk would still kick into effect. The self-revive syringe I think it should not work with the self-revive it should be a more supportive role for when another teammate comes to rescue that player who has been down to reward the fire team for team play.

I don’t really care about other games or bugs rn for this thread because then I feel this thread will start to lose it’s main purpose of topic.

No. No more buffs for FT.
All things allowed for making FT stronger in solo quête also make premade unbeatable

Balance changes will be coming anyways, so if certain things do get nerfed for premades then it might be an option needed for new stuff to come into play