New Combistick Bug

There is a new bug with the Combistick, I’m unsure of what triggers the bug but it causes the predator to be stuck in the animation of throwing the Combistick even after it has been thrown. I have had it happen to me 3 games in a row while using the City Hunter. Not sure if it affects other predator classes. Like and let me know if you guys have had the same bug. 👍🏼


In the meantime, if you’re stuck in this situation try using the aim button with Plasma Caster and it should reset you.

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You also have to shoot the plasma caster to reset


This isn’t just while using Combi Stick, I’ve just had it happen using the Hand Held and Smart Disc in the same match. City Hunter is the common denominator in these frozen aiming bugs, and needs addressing quickly especially considering we’ve actually paid money for this.

@Courier City Hunter is broken.

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