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I love what we have so far. A game mode I had in mind is a Predator VS Alien mode where we get to set up hunting teams and show off our predators and skills against an infestation. The maps can be from the films or original either way I’m willing to push and invest in this. Who’s with me? Hopefully the developers are already cooking! Need more money?


Go play AvP 2010 or smth

And also the devs would never do nothin like that


While this would be awesome, I don’t believe that introducing the Xenomorph into Predator: Hunting Grounds is in the cards.


It would not be awesome thanks

Xeno in this game is just crezzy


Wont happen. Illfonic does not hold the rights to the Alien IP

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Plus this is a predator game not avp

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general grievous is tired of your bullshit

As much fun as a completely new class of character would be, rights issues and basically a full on total reprogram of the game itself stand in the way. Illfonic has their character models and animations for both playable and non-playable characters pretty much set for the foreseeable future. Sure, some new things that were or are still in production have leaked, but none of them are outside of the already in-place world created.

I think a better idea would be a sequel game, set in the AvP universe with all new Preds, Xenos and Marines, all customizable AF, with maps on various alien planets and large Marine spacecraft, massive Xeno hives, etc.

For starters, I’d have it be a completely 3rd person game, for all races. I’d have all the bells and whistles that each race should have from previous games, looking at what worked best going back to the original AvP games, to AvP 2010, to Concrete Jungle to PHG to Aliens FT elite, etc. No reason NOT to.

I’d have all 3 races be able to play at once in any map, with multiple race counts available (1v1v3 3v3v5, etc) with the Marines having always a slightly higher player count. And the ability to set up private matches with any race count possible, up to say, 12 players per team.

I’d have bosses you could unlock for play upon defeating (the Queen, Power Loader/ Ambush Predator), but you’d really have to earn it. They’d be tough as nails.

I would have shaders, trophies etc. to purchase via in-gane currency only and NO random loot crate mechanics. It’d be all there to buy whenever you get enough $ from the get go.

I would begin with 3 classes of Predators from the AvP film clan in appearance, with the tools they used in the first film, with upgrades to a Wolf-esque loadout unlockable at certain levels. I would ATTEMPT to get the rights to put Predators WITH their unique tools from the Kenner AvP lineup as well as the 2 main Preds from the arcade game as well as the blue Mad Predator (even though they are just JH and CH in different colors, but fuck it!). I say attempt because there may be legal issues regarding these models, but I’d give it a go. These alternate Preds WITH THE EXCEPTIONS of Clan Leader Pred and AvP’s Elder Pred would be paid dlc. The 2 leaders Preds would be earned via leveling up (Elder) and defeating as a boss (Clan Leader).

Several mechanics from PHG would be brought over, or rebuilt altogether to make them funtion a bit better (the basics like climbing, cloaking, shooting, etc). But more vision modes, I think 2 more, would be best. The perks system is nice as are the specializations, but depending on certain weapons, perks like melee damage increases may be obsolete, i.e. double wrist blades, longer wrist blades, whips etc would do far more damage than your simple blades, and once unlocked may negate the need for certain perks, but all would need to be tested quite a bit.

Xenos would also have 3 starter classes, with new dlcs down the road, like Hybrid, Razor Claw, Panther and Snake variants. And since certain ones, namely Snake would have highly specialized movements and attacks, would need to be developed early on to ensure proper functionality.

Ideally, the Hybrid would also be able to function as it did in the film, able to impregnate humans and Predators autonomously in a sort of finishing move, provided one could pull off the button combination vs the opposing players resistance button combination to either self-detonate via wrist cpu or pull pins on grenade belts.

Xeno mechanics would include the ability to climb anything and sprint on all fours at insane speeds, compensating for a near complete lack of projectile weapons, save short range acid spit. Also, the acid blood would do significant damage up close at first, unless, at much higher levels, Preds and Marines would be able to equip specialized acid-resistant armor for high perk points. Health power ups for Xenos would be much easier to acquire, given the more difficult nature of being a xeno and having to be up close all the time. You, as a Xeno would be able to heal by eating the heads of any opposing player OR AI, provided they still have a head upon death, or if it’s an android. The Xenos would have a pounce ability as well, use able for surprise attacks from hiding places, be they up high or in some bushes etc. It would NOT be the same as the Predators leap ability. It would be more of a double length long jump if one were crouching. Xenos would not have a Predator-style leap, as their sprint would be insanely fast, but use stamina quickly. Teamwork and communication with Xenos would be key to success, but even a single Xeno would never be a pushover. Finally, Xenos would be able to operate without their tail, should it get shot off entirely, but it would lose its strongest attacks. It would also be able to lose one or both arms, all while still attacking with its mouth or tail and bleeding, meaning you would be constantly bleeding and anyone who came near would likely receive damage from the spray.

Marines would be what we all know and love, brash, tough and a little crazy. As with the other species, 3 starting classes, light, medium and heavy with dlcs of Ellen Ripley, Vasquez, Drake, Hudson, Dutch and Linn Kurosawa from the arcade game etc. All with the weapons we love and some from Aliens FT Elite that aren’t useless. Extra stuff like turret drones, trackers, jump packs etc would be part of available loadouts. In addition, summoning a combat android to supplement your team would be a high-cost perk, but very useful. Certain mechanics from PHG like ammo crates and UAV scanning and info disc’s would be there as well.

At much higher levels, captured and modified Pred weapons and masks would become available, like HH Plasma casters, shurikens, etc. The stuff a human could easily wield or wear and it would all look like it had been rigged up to work, much like old Dutch and Isabel in PHG, just that the stuff would work and not just be for show. Granted, the humans wouldn’t be able to do the same amount of damage a Pred could with the same equipment, but it would be a cool new mechanic.

Finally, this entire idea would exist in a game-only universe and be non-canon so as to avoid forum topics on the subject.

Well, there it is. If I were in charge of a new game, that’s what it would be. Let’s hope someone from Rocksteady, Machine games or Ubisoft sees this.