New DLC off the wall topics

Should PHG do off the wall characters?

-Bruce Lee (nun-chucks)
-The ninja dude from Predators
-Mad Max
-Steven Sagaul
-Clint Eastwood
-keanu reeves

  • Kurt Russell
    -Val Kimir
    -The Rock
    -Daniel Craig
    -Stallone (rambo)

I think adding these action stars would be hilarious… fitting them in would be hard…


You need jesus in your live man


I think most people thought it be cool to add one or several xenos (definitely off the wall) but I for one admit it would be cool to replace all stargazer troops with zombified stargazer troops ! At least for halloweenkind of like RDR and the undead nightmare dlc (definitely off the wall).


One thing that could be kind of fun is have something like the Amengi (original Predator design) show up in the match to be this extra surprise for players. Like we aren’t even warned it showed up the creature just appears and with it’s exoskeleton the thing is a bit tough to take down.

If they did anything like that it’d be cool to see it not even show up in an announcement, players just are running a match and there’s this big bug monster running counter to both the FT and Predator.




CJ from San Andreas

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I like this idea! Like if Ilfonic doesn’t announce 100 items of things that you can do such as the odd dune buggy that is useable…or a tree with a ladder that you can climb…or like you put it for skins…several unannounced featured skins, stargazer personel…


You forgot Stephen Hawkins

Jamie lee Curtis

Stan lee


And micheal Keaton’s Batman

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A tree with bow for hunting preds… lol

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makes sense tho!

Whats funny is even with the parry mechanic gone… preds will still get killed. Everone will run suppt as the takes 6 swings to down a suppt… literally 3.8 sec… ak 3.5 sec?

I would welcome the following characters into PHG

Colonial Marines
The Punisher

Newest class volcano man

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  • neo

  • bumblebee

  • Terminator

  • robo-cop

  • jesus christ

  • gondee

  • bruce lee

  • brandon lee

  • the crow

  • raziel

  • kain

im just joining in on the fun here ^w^

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and they one shot after a parry

Can we throw Harry from Harry and the Hendersons in while we’re at it!!!

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sure as predator. his special pushes trees over LOL

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Who knew that the same actor played both characters?

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Here’s an off the wall predator I want to play as

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I mean… its kinda gay