New easter egg found! Hidden frame never noticed before.

Hello fellow Predator fans, I would like to share with you that I think I found a new Easter egg never mentioned before, because in the more than 20 years that I have been watching videos of Predator curiosities or in forums like this I have never seen it mentioned. I found it because I was watching the scene at x 0.25 speed, it can only be seen when the video is paused. It is only a frame that appears in the scene when the predator comes out of the water to chase Dutch and uses its thermovision to find him but only finds a small mammal that runs away. When the predator vision pans to the left, focuses on the target and points its laser at it, for a second the screen goes completely black, after, a frame with an out-of-focus green filter and a blue circle surrounding it appears. In that single frame is an image of what I believe is a guy standing in front of the camera in a small room but without his head occupying the frame, I believe it is an Easter egg left on purpose by the special effects editor like those reflected on screens or refrigerators on Amazon, eBay; That’s what I perceive, but I could be wrong, it’s the first one I find but I think there could be more images of the same type hidden when the predator focuses or within the pans of its thermovision. If any of you see the image more clearly and see something else or if someone can do an analysis of the image to appreciate it with more quality and provide more information, it would be interesting. I leave you the image of the frame in question.

so you hit the analysis thing.