New Game Mode Blueprint

Predator needs a game mode based of the game preserve.Like in the movie they need to drop in 8 players on a alien planet built like Overgrowth map but with no buildings just jungles and some cave systems for cover like on Excavation.They should all be dropped at different spots on the map then they all need to meet at a marked location then once everyone’s gotten there they are given about 3 different locations to check for the predators camp.Where they will find a slain captured predator then one fireteam member must use his wrist computer the same way a fireteam member defuses a bomb to activate the predator ship disabling Its cloak and reveal Its location then head their before the predator shows up since the predator will be informed when someone enters the camp.Once the fireteam reaches the ship they have to unlock the ship the same way they deactivated the ships cloak after that is complete the predator is alerted and the fireteam has too wait until the ship is ready before boarding It should take the same amount of time It takes the chopper to arrive.

To even the odds the since it will be 8v1 the predator will be able to to resupply gear and ammo for limited use weapons like net-guns, bear-traps,and medkits but only at their camp which can’t be used or destroyed by fireteam members at the camp.

For the fireteam reinforcements once the timer runs out they given the location to open a door to hidden cave where other survivors have been hiding out, once the door is open dead fireteam members will respawn in the cave.

Since this is a alien planet their won’t be medkits,ammo caches,and weapons creates lying around. So those things will be found at the fireteam reinforcement location and spawn automatically at the predator camp when the fireteam arrives.

If the fireteam decides to kill the predator and succeed instead of a bomb the predator can activate a reinforcement call of Its own If the fireteam doesn’t deactivate It the predator can respawn but only once next time they go down for good.

For the ending cinematic If the fireteam escapes It should show the ship taking off and leaving the planet.

If the fireteam kills the predator It should show the survivors standing over the predators body at the camp and new prey being released falling From the sky same as the movie Predators 2010.

If the predator wins or If the fireteam and predator all die their is no need for a new cinematic ending.


Sounds good but lets bump it up to 3 vs 12

and you can only use the characters from the movie, so a bunch of isabellas

Unless they drop Royce