New Game Mode confirmed

you are a special kind of stupid, gotta say

Smartest thing I’ve ever seen you write 👏


Mm yeah but you know I was joking right 🥲

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No, how? You’re the most seriously serious person I know. Your wisdom overwhelms me 🤓

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though in all honesty, would be interesting having an 8 FT with no AI, no mission, against a single super health buffed Predator (like 10 times more health of what it has now)

damage can stay the same

Bro, that’s clearly on Private matches with modifications. While, it’s a good idea, would never happen. So you stupid! And, I’m just stating a fact!

It’s just a bug.

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Would it require a lot of changes for them to add player number for modifiers? Pred number and FT number, while still satisfying normal hunt conditions.

It’s not. It was a public match. I already explained. Also the match ended within less than 30 seconds, though others have been luckier and have managed to actually play the match like that.

There’s no modifiers in private matches that allow you to increment the FT count

You are, indeed, stupid

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I think the UI will get all fucked up. I mean, you can clearly see letters G and H do not exist, which would be needed for an 8 member squad. Also the names on the bottom are all fucked up.

I mean, they still haven’t fixed the UI glitches in regular matches, wouldn’t even expect them to implement such a change without fucking things up further

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This game gone fakked up

Btw awesome intro on your channel

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Thanks, I’ve been needing a new one, it is technically my first self made intro, I am working more on my editing skills

Shut up! I’m not stupid, why do you always presume that someone is stupid if they say there own opinion? What’s that tell ya?

Well you kept saying it was a private match with modifiers but it’s just a glitch.

Because is stupid to argue against a fact with an opinion.

Like you can argue the earth is flat. That would be a stupid opinion, which would make you stupid, if you had it.

Perhaps uninformed

ignorance does not excuse stupidity. Even more when facts are presented.