New game mode idea

4 fireteam vs 1 predator to play all maps until fireteam dies.
Large reward for fireteam for successfully completing all maps.
Day or night mode should be voted for.

If it’s a good predator, they’ll wipe out the FT in the first match, besides, what does the Predator get?

Sounds like he didn’t really think this one through before posting.


This game stinks. What are they going to call it? Hunt Mode?
PHhhh…Predator Hunting Grounds? The boy is entitled to his opinion but man…malarky.

I saw the first line and I was like “you got an imagation boy!”.4FT vs 1pred. where does he come up with this?

Yeahhhh, I’ll have 99% of all FTs dead in the first five minutes. Bad idea.
Also fuck FT rewards, give the Pred something for once.

It would be easier and faster objectives and exfil wouldn’t be until last map. Predator automatically goes to half health every 3 minutes if predator fails to take down at least 1 fireteam member in 3 minutes. All 4 fireteam players stay the same for all maps but predator player changes if he dies. Only huge reward for fireteam to complete all maps.