New game mode ideas.

Yea a 3v10 or 12 would be great. No reinforcements. Or a 2v4v4. 2 predators and 8 humans. Fireteam vs stargazer. Each has there own set of missions to complete. There could be different styles like search and destroy or rescue the hostage. Protect the drugs, burn the drugs etc.

We should have the option to customize our stargazer/local militia/ cartel character. Tattoos, bandannas, hats etc. add more customization options for fireteam and predator as well. The option to change color schemes should be a thing for the predators armor, cloth and war paint. For honor has great customization options for their heroes.

Also if it’s hostage rescue idk if randomly selecting a human to control the hostage. As a predator you wouldn’t kill them u armed but if they get loose or the fireteam wiped the stargazer crew out, and then they picked up a weapon, they would be fair game.

This could bring in more friends that want to play with each other. Even if it’s your squad against you other friends squad and some random predators. Also friendly fire should be a thing for both sides.

Please add a option to remove hud too.
Please add throwing knives and tomahawks to both the ft and predator. Claymores and trip mines for fireteam. Booby traps similar to kapkan in rainbow six seige. Emp grenades that could temporarily disable the energy use for predator if caught in blast radius.
Last stand perk when your downed as fireteam, you should be able to shoot your pistol.
Add different option of in game executions like for honor. They could be dlc bundles like for honor and battle pass items. They could be purchased with V too. The cut scenes are cool as fireteam but having more options as a predator to pick his claim would be cool.

Thoughts or ideas to add?? I’m loving this game and I really think it comes down to the bugs being fixed and the content being dropped to how long this game will last. Illfonic is doing a great job and they brought back Arnold. They obviously care about this ip like a lot of us do. Looking forward to what they have to offer for it.