New Game Mode?

For new Game Modes if I’m not mistaken didn’t they say a new game mode will come out.
A common one is a night time mode but I’d like to see more.

I just want to hear some ideas that could be turned into reality.

Edit: “With the free updates we plan to introduce new weapons, game modes, and more” - To find this line scroll down until you find the road map and below it you see the line that I quoted.


I started a map idea post a while back. Go check it out. I bumped it up for you lol

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They said they have plans for new weapons which we seen Dutch’s Hammerhead they also said new game modes. I’m going to have to put on my double seeing glasses because I can’t even begin to see where it is or when it will come out.

Finally besides the Alpha Predator colab with NECA and the Samurai Predator what more does illFonic have to offer? Yes I seen the increase Lv cap to 150 and the new customizations but frankly I want a new map or a mode. One or the other it will Spice up the game for a bit.


Just saw it and damm those are great map ideas

Edit: Changed the thread so it doesn’t seem like I’m coping you but Big props to you for getting that topic out there


I don’t think they’ll add more free stuff when the paid dlc will be released. I hope they’ll have another patch full of bug fixes and game improvements though !

So we might expect this kind of content to happen in the next dlc release, which will hopefully be in july.

I don’t understand how you guys can talk about this without toxicity.

This devs are so…I would say pathetic, but i think they are still better then this. Let’s say they are just bad. I find this just outrageous. The community asks them to add a new map, a new mode, at least something , some NORMAL content. But we only get skins. Yes, in part they are not bad. But would you really not be able to play without a samurai or Dutch skin, BUT on a new map or in a new mode? And if after all these months of requests they will add only a nightmode, then it will be very sad!

I’m just sad to see how developers are killing their own brainchild((
They don’t even talk about plans, they just confront the fact

Haha…yeh I try to stay positive cause if one of us is toxic it starts a ripple effect of pure toxicity. That being said I’m not a fan of what the devs are doing but I am a fan of Predator and I just want to see the game grow with new content besides skins, like a new map or mode. Obviously I’d be mental if I never criticized the game and I have but not to a toxic extent.
I’m not completely blinded by optimism I see what they do and its clear they care about Predator its unclear if they want the game to last.