New Game Modes.

@Illfonic, Again I come to ask for a Reformulation in the Current Game Modes and a New Game Mode, that allows the Players to Play Alone too.
I don’t know how in more than 1 year that PHG was launched, the @Illfonic has so far not used elements from the Movie: Predators (2010).
It’s a great movie from the Predator franchise.
And it brought a lot of things that could be added to the Game.
With regard to Game Modes, we could have a Mode in which a Team of up to 7 People would have to Survive the Attack of a Team of Predators.
Or a Mode, that up to 7 Players go alone to complete a Mission, and need to survive the Attack of 1, 2 or 3 Predators.
I am asking for this again, because yesterday, when I was playing Quick Matches, I played with some Totally Ignorant People!.
The Purpose of the Game in Hunt Mode, is to arrive, fulfill the Mission, and All leave Alive.
One protecting the other.
One of my Team Members tried to help me 3 times to get up after the Predator Knocked Me Down!. That is a Team Work!.
But some of the Members, as soon as the Helicopter left the team in the Forest, went out Shooting at Nothing!.
Nor did they cover themselves with Mud to prevent the Predator from seeing them.
Thus, the Whole Team was harmed. All were sighted and Killed before the first 5 minutes of departure!.
In the Team, we need People willing to Really Work as a Team!.
Focused on Fulfilling the Mission, and Helping Everyone to Survive!.
If the player wants to play alone, or literally wants a team fight against the predator, none of the game modes offer that!.Predators having their Teams, their Clans, would also be Very Good for the Game!.
But we would need Game Modes, where the Teams were Bigger.
I see many Forum Members complaining that the FT is superior to the predator.
But I don’t see how this is possible!.
If FT Teams are Playing People Like Some People I Played With, those People Don’t Know How To Play as Predators.
We need these Game Modes.
A game for those who don’t want to play as a team.
Because for those who play with a Team, 1 Less in the team, turn it’s more difficult to succeed in the Mission.


Where I find a solo mode would be fun for some, it would dent the multiplayer playerbase if those who don’t want to play multiplayer jump over.

Also to what extent and depth do we want this solo mode to be? The same model we currently have, just solo?

Or are you expecting an in depth solo campaign experience?

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Like f13 solo challenges would be good

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Bruh, PDW can literally second wind Predators within blink of an eye.

2 of my teammates left and it was just me (support) and a dutch 2025 against a viking.
The Viking down us both and started to long claim the Dutch while I used a self revive, pulled out my sub machine gun and just recked that Predator with one extended mag. Fireteam is very strong.

I was playing as a scout Predator and someone threw 1 grenade at me (probably had unleashed) and it literally took away half my health… 😅

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I would like a Solo Mode similar to what we saw on the Movie: Predators (2010).

For example.

You choose your soldier, normally.

But you would not see what the other Players would use.

It would really be a One Against All Mode.
So we would have to have more people in the same match.
But it is each one for itself.
Everyone wanting to kill everyone.
Other Soldiers, and the Predator; Or Predators.

Because I think that everyone would try to kill the predator (or predators) together, but in the end the important thing is to have only one survivor.
A Winner.

It would be a clear reference to the AVP film where we have the phrase:

“The Enemy of my Enemy, is my Friend.”

But in the end, only one will survive.

Regardless of whether it is 1, 2 or 3 Predators, there could only be one Survivor.
A Winner.

So, but in this case, I think it was a Failure of whoever was playing as a Predator.

In my opinion, it is a question of strategy.

Since FT Soldiers have the possibility to heal themselves, the best thing to do is to take down the soldier and kill him immediately.

Keeping Him from Healing Himself.

But Scout Predators already have a Lower Health.

Your Movement in General is Better than that of the other Predators.
But his health is lower than the others.

A Grenade will really make you suffer greater damage.
It was be Different if you were with a Viking or a Berserker for example.

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You make good points and it does sound nice when typed the alternative ways of the outcome but in game it really is different.

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