New Game Modes?

These are just suggestions and all multiplayer base.

Hunting Party Mode: We know in specific situations the Yautja like to hunt in partys so why not have it be 3 Predators Vs 12 Fireteam members where the Preds are task to reclaim stolen techonology and that the Elders know from hacking the communications that its gonna be a heavy team guarding them thats when they send the “Young Bloods”

Bad Blood Mode: 6 Fireteam members are hunting down a Rogue Yautja who is killing any/all without honor in the jungles for pure sport, the Yautja has increased durability but fireteam has 20 mins to kill and secure the body.

Predator Vs Predator: 3 Vs 3 no holds bar between multiple players, no AI/Fireteam pure Yautja on Yautja combat!

Survival: Ways of AI attacks 3 Predator players each wave becoming increasingly stronger and this game mode theres no Thermal.

As for the end scene cutscene especially for the Hunting Party suggestion it has the 3 Predators holding the spines/skulls of the fireteam BUT if 1 Dies its absent, now if its only 1 Pred it just shows him Kneeling ontop of the fireteams bodies roaring to the skies for its fallen comrades.




why dont all FT players have the ability to choose any kind of class with anytype of bodytype and type of uniform. why can’t we have any type of pred class and anytype of specialization available?
Unlimited type of ammo and and you know why not unlimited tools slots? well…who knows. maybe they tried and said fuck that.
then Private matches happened.

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I just want more space tiddies


no fuck you

There’s a new game mode coming soon
Deez Nuts


Yikes! Just want to get something started no need to be trolls about it.

2020 called and says 🖕

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It’s amazing how people still don’t understand how much of a nightmare 4 FTs can be


They don’t care anymore about this game,they just want to make some money by adding skins,yes the future of this game are skins (every 3 month )

Rombak knows 4 hackers make as many as 12 players… I say 4 predators vs 4 hackers…

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How long have you been here? That’s all any of us are gonna do, hit up the illfonic discord if you wanna have a serious convo about the game lmao


I like your ideas, especially the Hunting Party Mode and Survival. Could be a lot of fun!

They’re definitely going to add a new mode in the update next week

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Nah ima stick with the official forum.

Doubt lol