new game

The customization system would have made it different.
Instead of choosing between 3 classes (plus the DLC)
I would have put 3 or 4 races of yautja to choose from.
As you level up, you can add stats to your yautja as you like up to a limit (stamina, life, movement speed, equipment)
Then you could also choose different types of armor for your yautja, each one would have separate statistics that would give more protection, increased speed, etc.
In the case of the biomask it would be similar, only that each biomask could have other types of improvements, such as zomm, another type of vision, etc.
After the colors of the skin and the predloks I would leave it as it is.
The DLCs instead of bringing us a lot of characters… The DLCs should be biomasks and armor from the movies, to be able to put it on our Yautja. Which would make the DLC even cheaper.
On the subject of weaponry, I think there should be upgrades to root leveling weapons, same as fire gear.

Plasma cannon: improvements in damage, precision, loading speed etc.

This would be for me, the perfect customization system, along with the work of the DLC.

The game modes are very very scarce.
Hunting mode: as it is, I consider it perfect, since it is simply a normal human hunt as we can see in the Predator movie.

Clash: It is a game mode that I do not use, it does not satisfy me at all (but this is something subjective)

From here, at least 2 or 3 more game modes would be needed.
(I do not consider private games a game mode)

I think it would be crucial to include a solo game mode (something that a lot of people are asking for)

Another game mode could be in joint hunting of several predators.

Another game mode would be to hunt a bad blood.

another game mode could be hunting other alien species.

These are ideas that would then have to be developed and see if they are viable. However… we have been with this game for almost 2 years now… and I think a new game mode should be crucial for the future of this game.

There is no future, theyve moved on to two (2) other games. Why won’t people accept this?



What the other game? I know about arcadegedon


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This is factually untrue. We are still working on PHG. We also currently only have one other game released; Arcadegeddon.


I understand that the team may be small, but I hope you are working on adding more content such as new game modes :D

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thats good to hear!

i think we all should be in the team working together!

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You’re not working on a Ghostbusters game? Haven’t seen any roadmap for 2022 yet and it’s almost February.

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We currently only have two games released; Arcadegeddon and PHG. We have teams working on both.

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Weird semantics but OK

I’m amazed there’s even an official outlets with how dodgy Illfonic is about everything.

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So no Ghostbusters? This is a legit question, I actually want this game,