New Human Characters

Blain Cooper ( Jessie Ventura ) From Original Predator 1987 , and other team Members of Dutch , Bill duke , Carl weathers , Richard chaves ( poncho )

Detective Mike Harrigan + Small los Angeles Map

John Rambo … He is more suitable in this game then mortal Kombat 11 , since predators use bow and arrow in the game , a human character should also use this weapon with exploding dynamite attached to it and he’s the perfect specimen + he will look cool sitting next to dutch in the helicopter , they belong in the same field. Just imagine he replies to predator showing his knife … ( I’M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE )


this is just your mental straw, it is useless to ask, here they are not going to mix sagas, although I would love rambo or mc clain, but I doubt it, even if it were feasible this game evolves very slowly

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They mixed sports, wby shouldn’t they mix sagas?

permissions, licenses, copyrights

I don’t remember seeing NFL authorizing the usage of Dante’s image or even himself.
When you load the game you can check who’re the copyright owners. None of them are there…
So, if that wasn’t a problem then, i suppose it’s not a problem now…

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New ideas and good ideas:

Haven’t happened yet.

Older Community:

Feels the need to speak up about how they never will happen.

The cycle is hilarious. Why even be here? 🤣

Basically like announcing your exit from the forum all over again.

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Marshawn Lynch wanted to appear in the game and not only in phg, but also in others if he asks for it, there is no problem, but putting rambo, for example, I don’t think it depends on Sylvester Stallone, which I would love, but it will not be like that

More WOMYN, please, and THANK you.

Yeah but i believe as long he has contract, his image rights belong to NFL, at least a percentage of it.

Hes not Marshawn, he’s Dante. If he was himself in the game that’d be different. Kinda like how they have Jason’s machete… but also not.

The name yeah,. but the face is the same. So his image was used for the game, am i right? And maybe the voice too.

I think its more about him just being a face and voice, and not using his name which is likely what’s under contract with the NFL.

Still I don’t think they intended to mix sports or avoid breaches whatsoever. Dude was likely a fan of the game and pulled some strings, so they made a character…

…or he owed someone a favor because his delivery is almost as phoned in as ahnolds.

I believe his face and voice are under those legal rights too. Because when a sports player perform anything exrtra sports contractl, ike a commercial, the club and the League get a piece of the paycheck too.

Yeah but they’re doing it as themselves, representing the NFL, right? I mean I don’t really know how it works for athletes but I’d imagine theres probably some stipulation that allows them to use their own likeness outside of being tied to the NFL.

Dutch is enough

Mike Harrigan: image

John Rambo: nobody carez

Don’t know about representing… Sometimes the commercials have nothing to do with NFL or even with sports.
I know that when they sign contracts, all parts (player, agent, club, League) agree the percentage of the payments everyone get in case the players image is using for something else, a commeecial is just an example. Could be a movie, a pub board on the side of the road, a video game,.etc.
That’s only what i’m sure of…

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Kelly aka Reiko Aylesworth.
Yeah, I know it’s AvP, but didn’t stop certain masks etc.

What do you mean by phoned in? For someone obv isn’t a voice actor I think he did pretty well