New Jungle Idea: Wild Fire Scene

I just think it would make a neat place to put the "Fire"team in the fire. No disrespect for the late fires happening in Cali and australia. That is sad news.

< a slow moving wild fire making its way north claiming the landscape>

< The area where the sun illuminates the smokey air making a very monochromish experience.>

< Unmistakable explosion above the trees, trees are bent over, half are missing. What could have happened here?>

< An area where the smoke and ash fills the air as it falls like rain.>

< An area where ash lays on the ground and burnt cars remained for days.>

< a dead alien has been discovered…being held by Stargazer troops. Secure the package or blow it up.>

< Some unsuspected creatures lurking about>

< an area which looks to be a place of barbaric ceremony>


Airstrike that napalms an area and drops my fps to 15 please. Oil works too.