New Map Issue?

Anybody having a problem getting the new map in Quick Play? My friend and I played 20 matches today and not once did we get the Airstrip to come up. At least not for the both us. There were a couple of times when I was hosting and was able to get the map but my friend wouldn’t load in. At one point it happened two times in a row where I would get in but he would not.

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I’ve been getting it somewhat consistently. But I’ve encountered map issues before where I get the same one all day. I don’t know why 🤷‍♀️

Speak of the devil, I just got it.

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Since update landed I only had it twice in pubs. Not sure, mayby just my luck?

ive had it what id consider a “normal” ammount of times. but again, iv had day where u get the same map a LOT of time (F U Excavation!)

I got it three times today. That map is disk city. Snipe that bitch.

I call it FT city when running private matches with some of the other melon men we discovered several guaranteed ammo crates, and a few almost spawning med kits.

Almost every camp has at least 1 med kit, or ammo crate in it, and the big hanger are screw that. One time I marked 4 ammo crates within a small distance, 20-30 feet, yes I’m american leave me alone, of each other.

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Wow 😳

Yeah, not to mention several small rooms scattered through, like the office rooms, inside the hangers, or other building where FT can camp in, and big wide open areas to easily spot you, or if you’re fighting die hard snipers, be shot in.

OK, to those of you who are getting the map, were you playing alone or with friends?

Alone because I have no friends.

Ok, it just happened again. Me and my three friends tried to play a Quick Play match on Airstrip and three of us got in while the fourth got booted. Something is amiss here.

Its also a pig city. Pigs even spawn on the roofs and inside of the buildings.