New map, reinforcements

So in this new Airstrip Map, as a FT, me and another players got killed.
After, the other 2 members went for the reinforcements together.
When we got reinforced, me and the other players didn’t spawn nowhere near the radio. We spawned separated in opposite sides of the map.

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describe where the radio was and where u spawned if possible

The radio was on the 1st floor of one of the buildings near the landing strip.
I spawned on the middlewestern camp.


Did one of you have the Comms specialization?

as currently any player with this Specialization causes the radio to be ultra buggy

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I guess not. But i’m not sure.

So while this bug is becoming prominent,

I dont think its the sole cause of this!

Had it happen in private matches last night and none of us had coms on.

It feels like its just the radios that spawn in the hanger area of airstrip.

Thats just my take cause it happened 3 times but it only happened when it was near the hanger or the front runway.

The other spawns seem to be working alright!