New maps and Avp mode

I think this game needs a city map and a pyramid map to make it a complete experience maybe a hoard mode that kinda plays like AVP where the FT has objectives to complete to open the doors to escape the hoard while predator hunts them to stop the hoard from escaping would be cool if they could get the Xenomorph for it but thats unlikely but at a minimum we need one city map for a full predator game experience


Do you know how copyright laws work?


Better question is do they know how illfonic works?




illmonkE LLC.

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Xenos won’t ever happen, copyrights. Best we’ll get is the masks which we’ve already started to see. City maps, we’ve been asking for that forever, just as unlikely to happen. Would require completely new coding and surface mapping and mechanics, not to mention model building, and that’s not something they’re focused on right now.


City map will not work with current Mechanics.

Pyramid map hah dont make me laugh have u enter a closed space with a ft as a Pred. Im guessing no

What we need are different jungles.

I need pine trees so very little predcore can be done.

I need a winter map forrest so camouflage on both fronts would be next to useless.

A AvP mode yeah right.

Sincerely your President of the Shitshow

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Apparently you keyboard warriors dont know how to read i said i know xenos wont happen at a minimum we need a city map and i dont see why fire escapes cant be worked out like the trees and as far as the pyramid goes if theres no xenomorphs there should be no pyramid map a city can work theres indoor spaces in game and not all predators get smoked inside only the dumb ones that walk into buildings with one exit i wipe good teams on headquarters all the time multiple exits threw balconies and sky light windows could work and thanks for the replies to those not just hear to talk trash

Ok. To demonstrate, find that building with the skylight and jump in and out of it killing a camping FT in there without dying from the terrible 3rd person camera sliding up the walls as you repeatedly hit the ceiling trying to use an arcing leap indoors. gl.

You’ve got nothing but shaders and trees for a year now and you’ve decided to set the bar at a map composed of entirely new assets and a full predkour rework?

Its definitely hard easier to down one or two from outside first but it can be done im on psn im sure its harder on pc but its not impossible shit ill take a game planet map with exotic plants and trees just no more copy and paste jungles with random poi that have never been in a predator movie