New Mask Scar In The Game Scar Arrived December ?

New Mask Scar In The Game Scar Arrived December Or Junary ?


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The great month of Junary




They now have the mask of all 3 brothers
Just now need the armor sets

Celtic is known to be in the pipeline, we just don’t know what version of his outfit will be used. He has variations on it where he has the netgun or not, and his battle damaged look.

Amusingly he will gain a plasmacaster despite never using one in the film. So it continues the trend of Predator media giving him one despite him explicitly never having got it.

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Uploading: image.png…
If any armor set should come out bring in one of the two…
Ancient or Temple Guard… they have the same armor style…

I would like to see Wasp or Bad Blood to be added myself over any

What happened to illfonic saying they won’t do movie preds and also why does everyone want them so bad other than scar the others are pretty much side characters who somehow get whooped by a xenomorph in the first 2 seconds of trying to fight them

I don’t recall them ever saying no, but the communities perception of things was that the AVP Predators couldn’t be used due to some oddity in licensing. So that while they are Predators, anything crossover related had to be altered to be usable in solo material. And we might have some precedent for that given Falconer did get renamed and had been changed back to the movie name once the character got released. The same might be the case for Celtic when he releases.

My assumption is that the films either have to be licensed separately to get access to characters and items from said films or that Predators themselves have to be licensed individually like how Toho does things with Godzilla. Though in the case of Feral’s “Bone mask”, Feral doesn’t have a marketing name at the moment as “Feral” is a fan term currently. Neca would probably be the first official merch usage of it given Illfonic likely had to use a placeholder name for lack of anything else at the time. Though of course Feral might end up becoming Bone mask so who knows.

In the case of the trio, we thought Scar would be the AVP 2004 rep given he’s the only one with a plasmacaster, is seen unmasked, and actually uses the shuriken. Celtic never uses it once in the movie and the only time he has it it’s off screen. In that case we know the suit had one from a BTS shot, but it’s otherwise not visible. His file was visible even early on. Not much work done for it but we know they’d worked on it. Celtic being the rep could simply be him having the most distinct appearance in the movie with his battle damaged costume and would visually separate him from Berserker given how similar the outfits are. Though of course we don’t know which version of his outfit he’d have or if he’d even possess the magically appearing netgun.

Wasn’t feral the name the directors were calling him on set?