New Patch, Pred Time Wait !!!

Weeks ago, I uninstalled the game because it was impossible to find a full lobby.

Well, I heard about a new patch and decided to try again.

The game was up to date, I tried FT some times, find some lobbies with 1~2 FT, but no Pred.

Ok, my last try was a matchmaking to the Pred. Yeah, lets try the Yautja time wait and see if there is some hope for this game. The result is on the print screen I took just before quit.

Obviously, I uninstalled the game again.

Bye. Nobody care we dont want you anyway


Its not the games fault that you have bad internet

God damn. Why didnt you just reset the que?


I dont think he understands.


Most likely. Its still pretty funny to see the que up that high.
The matchmaking does glitch out.
It always has. They got to fix it. But I dont think they even know why it happens. I sure as fuck dont.


Yeah. And if they change it to the way f13 is its going to kill this game


Idk illfonic gotta fix a lot of shit lol.

I love you too. =*

I did it several times, every 10~15 minutes, and got nothing.

This one (on the print) I just let to see how long it could be.

I have a 200mbps internet conection, with a 10 ms latency.

And yes, I live in Brazil and this counts.

But if Illfonic dont care about players of other countries, why sell this game to us? (Notice that the game is in brazilian portuguese).

Yes, I understand.


I understand the people that dont like the F13 way, but I rather this than do not play.

That isnt the solution tho. A lobby system would be better. But it’s mainly the que matchmaking system still needs work and improvement.

That’s one of the reasons I dont play much lately.

Don’t bother arguing with these cultist morons. I am on the US west coast and it’s the same shit. My friend’s on the east coast and gets the same shit queue times for Pred. It only gets fucking worse with each new DLC release.

The game is still a mess.

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Lol no Im on the east coast and my average quee times are 6 mins

Cultist? Lol wtf

Same here…not sure what other peoples problems are.


They probably running some mcdonland wifi