New predator DLC ideas

I’m probably the only one who wants the “Lost Predator” from predator 2 right? Idk what it is about it but once I got the updated neca figure it really grew on me and I don’t even like green. He has unique armor too but they are gonna change it as he doesn’t have wrist blades but as long as it looks the same I’ll be happy. And w/ the city Hunter sounds? I’d buy it no matter what the stats are. My brother can’t stop talking about the tracker predator from predators (2010) or just his mask. I’d also think the marking from AVP that scar had would be a nice touch to add to any mask via the “scars” option. And not a dlc but be cool if the super predators actually sounded like super predators. The AVP stick would be a nice “style” option too but I’ll still use the P2 ver. And one I think many would like to see is the “Bad blood” predator from the comics. The predator skulls he has on his armor and those 3 bladed wrist blades would be awesome along w/ the enforcer mask. Just some ideas that would be cool to see in game