NEW Predator HUD UI

Would be nice to see some Yautja variants.

Like some of the mods for other alien/predator games

Helmet and armor types have their own “specialization”

Predators 2010 helmet: can always track foot prints but has a 60 secs cool down. Blue and orange heat.

AVP helemet: red with orange heat. It can scan see in smoke and through heat flares with cool down.

Predator 2 helmet: can see in different vision mode. Looks like default predator but sounds different unless scanning.


Predator 1:


Viking: Can see anyone wounded. Maybe green with black/grey heat.

Samurai:Red with White heat can hear well and use first person/zoom for better bow sniping.

and so on…


This is an interesting idea, but what if someone wants to use a mask but doesn’t want the new vision. Or the want the vision of another mask


I would prefer gear being unique like this over the generic damage perk system.

And yeah all predators should have different looking vision modes and sounds/clicks etc. None of the thermals have looked the same in the movies, they’re all pretty unique even down to the audio scanner thing.

I don’t think current thermal even looks good. Its way too clean. Just a blue filter with highlights and no lighting. Lazy as possible, even avp 2010 got it better.

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New thermal update when

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Wolf predator thermal mode color and sound was very similar to jungle hunter. But still we all get the point. Variation. How about a predator with the beer belly? There were different Yautja types in the comics (kid, old, skinny, fat etc).

A predator with a keg nice

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Yea hearing it back that now sounds a bit much. I will say more options are nice but seems like extra work if the core of the game is not finished or 90 percent.

We will get there eventually

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Why not just give us the option to customize the vision mode regardless of mask as well as the type of wrist blades, plasma caster, and facial feature (scars, markings, battle damage).

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I would love to have a battle damaged predator face

I’m just saying a prime example of this should have been the Viking. His mask is already missing an eye. Under the mask there should have been some damage like you know a missing eye or a broken mandible but nope we get standard berserker face.

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I SO hoping he had only one eye under his mask, and Illfonic let me down


Hey at least the samurai is unique under the mask…

I didn’t see any differences

That’s the point lol. There are no differences they’re both the exact same face models as the berserker.

I get that but this will make it so theirs no meta pred look lol

So theirs pros and cons of each mask maybe that one can see footprints and has a dope hud but the looks dumb but the cool one can only see footprints

It’s a question of does the pred want to be an elite hunter or a fashion statement lmao

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I personally love this idea and have been suggesting stuff equal to this since launch lol

Since we’ve seen them in media and other games, I’ve been dying to get the other vision modes and was kind of disappointed this game doesn’t have them. What I namely want is a zoom function that doubles Yautja vision distance, allowing us to better keep track of prey from a distance without using thermal, and Ultraviolet which would could help us track wounded prey via blood spray pattern.

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It would be cool if we could modify our masks zoom in, or change what vision modes we use

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that would be the best idea