Well I’m buying it

RE8 was a great game and I’ll be enjoying the DLC as well


Yeah I’d only be playing the new mercenaries dlc as Lady D with the controller to the side and the camera facing down so I can admire those beautiful…ground textures of course!


Wait why Duke evil now


RE7 was better though, RE8 was more action than horror. Cooler setting in RE8 though, more of it should’ve been like the doll workshop sequence.

Nu-uh. That sequence worked as is but it’s far too niche for a larger part of a the game. In consideration that this is game is intended to have shooting mechanics.

Doesn’t make it worse by default.

People are theorizing it’s all in rose’s head.

I think it is supposed to be her entering the collective consciousness of the mold or megamycete or whatever it is and most likely discovering Ethan’s memories. At least that’s what I heard but I can’t remember where I heard it. Seems like that’s what’s happening to me.


To add onto this my guess is evil duke is the megamycete fighting back as we also see it twist the world to fight back so perhaps it distorts these memories and uses it against rose.


Davros is correct. Since Rose is still connected to the shared consciousness of the mold, she’s able to access the thoughts and memories of everyone who’s been absorbed by it. That’s how she’s able to visit Castle Dimitrescu, see Duke, etc., but just in a warped perception due to the mold fighting against her. Its also how the mysterious Michael is aiding her, he’s inside the consciousness, though we don’t know any more than that.