New Resident Evil Movie?

Just found out there’s a RE reboot happening that’s apparently going to cover the first two games.

Here’s why it’s going to bomb:

  1. It’s mashing the first two games together. This is just stupid as both games can easily serve as their own movie, by splitting the focus between them theres too many good things bound to fall through the cracks. From a filmmaking perspective, there’s going to be less build up and smaller payoff for arcs and devices that deserve more attention than they’re going to get.

  2. It’s race-swapping characters. Of course it’s the white characters that need some diversifying, but what really gets me is the actors they chose are legit perfect for other roles. The girl playing Jill is perfect for Sheva, and the guy playing Leon is perfect for Luis. You wouldn’t cast Michael Cera as Black Panther or there would be riots lol

  3. Director is a bum. Dudes done nothing of note. Every movie is the kinda shit you see for free on YouTube and still pass up looking for monkeybone.

Shame RE is finally getting a film based on the actual games but god damn theres always a catch. Just like the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie starring… fucking Oscar Issac as Solid Snake. Ugh.

Ill fucken do it!!

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