New Trophies

I’d like to see some cool Predator trophies not just from Predator lore and such, but more unique trophies for example I would love a Raptor killing claw trophy.

What trophies would everyone like?


I like that. That would be cool.

I would like a Broken Maui sawtooth blade.

A clean human skull on a vlad the impaler pike on the back of the pred

Small set of shark jaws or maybe just a collection of a shark teeth

Lions paw!

Skulls on a belt like 300 the movie


Yes, all of those would be great.

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I want some different alien species as trophies.

River ghost could be one or those weird bugs from concrete Jungle.

Yautja skull. For all the bad bloods lol

Xenomorph skull. From Predator 2.

In Star Wars there was a clone that collected droid fingers and made them into a necklace. So maybe that but of the alien race that enslaved the Yautja, their bone fingers into a necklace or bracelet.

Or a effigy type thing that’s on the Yautja back.
Something like this:

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Hordes of Cannibals needed. We need to slaughter these. like now.

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Predator skull on the shoulder

Sabertooth Turtle fangs on the biomask

Knife/spear made out of T-Rex tooth


I stole this pic from @ElderPreddy but I see this Pred already has the effigy like the cannibal in the second pic. So it’d be dope to have in game as a trophy!

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Who summoned me?

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Guns…lots of guns

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Would be even better to have multiple trophy slots on the body, shoulders, knees, hip/belt(already have left hand back, a middle front/crotch could be nic) because a raptorcicle claw, I say why not, but a skull on the shoulder would be awesome.

Oh, and the mask too, to emulato Mr Black Berserker helmet styl with its alien XenoQueen mandibles.

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