New update broke the game FPS

Constant frame freezing, unplayable interruptions, piss poor Virtual memory optimization and constant stuttering. It was already god awful, but now its sporadically freezing my entire PC and lets be honest, the graphics are not next level whatsoever, the physics are garbage lol stiff spine on executions, and yet some how they have managed to require every ounce of proccessing power to run the game at 640x480 resolution and everything set to low it IS STILL FRAME FREEZING AND STUTTERING


Skill issue

Git gud

We’re good people


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I have the same. Game just freezing my PC. If You find FIX please share.


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Let me guess, you’re on a 1060gtx with 4 core processor smh…get a real pc or as others have mentioned, a PS5.

What are you on your moms computers


TI-84+ CE graphing calculator.