New variation of the audio bug

I’m pretty sure at this point that the audio bug is just evolving because now. When I get it, it no longer just mutes the sound of the match but it now also causes a some random gunshot sounds that get increasingly loud. I’m not talking about the standard gunshots and pig squeals that you normally get but a very loud version of the gunshots that just gets louder to the point where I muted the game altogether.

I’ve had this happen a few times. It’s like all the guns and sounds firing at once, getting really really loud, and then gradually fades back to normal. But it’s so loud I had to remove my headphones.

It was the first time I had both at the same time. Normally I just get the regular one where everything is muted. Ik that there’s another one that just generates a lot of deafening noise but I haven’t gotten that one, this time I had both at the same time. Started with the regular then a few minutes later the other kicked in but did not go away at all for the whole match.