OMG guys waht is wrong withe you ?
Always the same guys, its boring.
Go play tertris or looking for a girlfriend.

Yes, you cheater with axe

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Are you an idiot ?

He is a Gringo

No !! You are the idiot…plus you are a hypocrite, you cheat using the ax that has a bug and the others according to you…they can’t cheat…aaahhh another little thing…your mother is a whore

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Tedinator is a little nazi german predator with a cheating axe in the jungle, shame on you!

Tedinator no fight, no warrior đź’©

So you’re an exploiter using a bugged weapon complaining about a player using a hack…
Makes sense…

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How old are you ? Nazi ? Really ?


A little shit talking only Spack, it’s what keeps the fire burning in matches, making people pissed off so they perform better, more action, more fun.
You slutty little German hardcore leather boots pornstar, you like when the boys tie you up in ropes with your legs spread, kicking you in the family jewels with those black leather boots, don’t you? You filthy German animal!


You are a cheater, with Super-Fanatico…and you…you say that others are cheaters??


you can’t live without this damn game)) you sit in it for days)) it’s just a game to have fun, 2 hours a week, idiot))



Are you sick ?

Take your pills

And again a Cheater noob

Predator: Big Disk Energy is a super cheater with speed Hack, Macros, ammo increase, etc, etc and he is SamHack13’s boyfriend
Cheating against Big Disk Energy is justified…or not playing against Big Disk Energy because he is a cheater

but you also cheat and you were already dead, so… you are more potato and stupid

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It was a mistake to use an Explorer against Big Disk Energy because the Explorer is very weak, has little health and Big Disk Energy is a cheater, maybe…Matteus he didn’t know who the predator was.