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Hello Guys

Cheater Video - Backo alias Rombak Assasin, Fantasma_Jungla etc.

backo’s voice:

  • 6:27
  • 8:04 microphone proof
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Backo, rombak and fantasma are all different people

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Bullshit !
I have Videos from all these guys withe the same voice.
But nice try wingman .-)

well, it’s just friends and they play together, one plays, the other talks in the microphone. no matter the guy cheatet and how it looks you know him.
nothing to say about that?

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There is this thing called soundboard, so you can replay funny lines of other players through it, I have seen backo, rombak and fantasma all in the same lobby playing together and talking so. You don’t know anything.

A bunch of people have recorded audio of fantasma and play on soundboard to troll on this game for years. You have just been trolled.

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maybe it’s not the subject.
no interested in saying about the cheater?

What that fantasma cheats on the game ? yeah since 2020 he has been known to glitch under rocks in the map so the predator couldn’t kill him, everybody know he is an retardd

Back when the game released I played with a guy who had Dutch’s voice lines playing over the mic. It was one of the funniest matches I ever played on PHG.

i see your problem here is the soundbar “problem”
you don’t have any problems with cheaten?

No no it couldn’t have been a soundboard, it has to be Arnold himself.

Here is me vs fantasma:

I fucking knew it!

What a community

anyone here ever eat ass?

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It’s about Bakoo and Fantasma who learned to use an exploit in the game, or heck. Rombak is not in that match. Rombak is honest!

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Gypsies are not honest, you are guilty of everything you get accused of romannii asqueroso!

Eres un tonto, tu cerebro es estimulado por esteroides… Al igual que tu amigo Samhain, estás desesperado por llamar la atención… No haces nada más que chupar a Rombak para siempre… hacerle una puta… o prefieres que me de mi mama?

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Si, prefiero a tu mamá, la puta romaniia.

Amigo de que nacionalidad es tu madre y tu padre te dire por que te pregunte si me respondes con sinceridad.

Nosotros somos de El Salvador.

My place, bring some white wine

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