Next DLC

I hope the next DLC is Naru and she ought to be the strongest FT class yet, even stronger than the broken Dante. She would have bow, traps, as well as firearms. Would even make combos and put grenades in traps. Just to piss so much people around here that truly deserve it.


Wake up

She better scream louder than Isabelle


Or the Feral Predator with his full arsenal

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Naru 1719. More OP than Celltech-Predtech enhanced Dutch2025

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Another person who ignored the majority complaints being largely centered around Feral being an idiot and the cgi/cinematography being shit. Stuck on whole “dey just h8t da womanz” shtick still?


yes, “muh cgi” “i want practical effects like movies were done 40 years ago”

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What’s the sense of these topics? Really? Why do people waste time doing this?
And why am I wasting time commenting goddamit


Also needs a dog that deals roughly half the preds hp

Yes we need more early 2000s cgi

If they want to add Naru and new predator as dlc they should sell their company to pay the owners for license Lol

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Ufff… that would be awesome. A companion that also kills AI so your HP doesn’t go to shit when they spawn behind you

I highly doubt the budget of the movie was over 20 million, which is impressive for what they did.

btw Prey is currently the highest rated Predator film at both Meta Critic and Rotten Tomatoes. SUCKAH!

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It was a good movie in my opinion
But it’s not better than first or second movie to be honest

is okay. People today expect way too much of movies. Is entertainment. Movies are made so you sit down, watch it and have a good time, they are not meant to make a change of heart, transform your life or any of that bullshit. Popcorn movies, that’s it.

Look at Jaws. A fucking masterpiece with super bad special effects. The shark looks nothing like a real shark. The movement is idiotic and slow. Yet it still is a masterpiece aside from all that. Because is not about the crappy or good special effects. Is about making an entertaining movie. And it that sense, Jaws is a fucking masterpiece.

I don’t get why people complain of “bad CGI effects”. SpecialFX are tied, whether practical or digital, to a budget. I’ve seen so many great movies that have bad special FX and people don’t complain about it. You do the best you can with what you have. If you can’t see past that and appreciate the entertainment, you are an idiot. You are the kind of idiot who prefers Epic Settings on PHG, even if it means playing at 12 FPS


I would also like to see Naru added tro the game, please. Bows and traps will do. Just make her a little weaker but faster bc she doesn’t have to carry heavy gear.

Because these people read that the film was SJW, and they can’t let it go so they come up with bullshit to enable their views and shutting everyone else down

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They need to implement some kind of machine learning AI where the companion dog automatically attacks anyone that speaks French over in-game mic