Next Livestream should be Predator gameplay only

Hey everyone with the new year coming around the corner, many hope for new things after the last weary two years. Either more financial success or just some sense of peace. I know one thing for sure, many hope for new deeper gameplay changes starting soon this new month of January. Which leads to something that occurred to me since the last Livestream…

Can we please see some Predator gameplay during solo matches please? We had two years of Fireteam only public matches with some Clash here and there but never anything concrete on the Predator side of things. Don’t you think two years of Fireteam matches is enough? Where is the love for the tall space aliens at? We wanna see more Predator gameplay from ya! See what things are like from behind the mask instead behind a scope for a change. The mask will not bite, I promise you just put it on and have a go in the jungle.

(I know its not a balance or even a weapon suggestion feedback, but something additional doesn’t hurt for a change too either, am I right?) Thanks for reading and may you have a good day!


illfonic don’t dare to play the predator, because the fireteam is too strong, and they know it.

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I have NEVER seen them playing as pred before, let alone against a PC premade team. This will simply not happen

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There is NO WAY they would play as Predator and show how difficult it is, for the role everyone wants to play.

Would be a disservice to the game with the current balance.

I’m still waiting for their FT to take on my pred

no one at illfonic plays predator they are all fireteam mains

we will never see them play predator because if we did it would become really obv how difficult it is to play predator

which would then cause some serious balance discussions that they clearly don’t want to have

(via the disdain i get for asking balance questions or the straight up [Wha? the plasma pistol is weak? are you sure? well i guess we’ll look into it.] which is unbelievable considering the pistol has been weak for over a year now but they apparently have never heard of it or noticed)


Which is why we should still push it regardless. I mean, who else turns in these livestreams besides us? Again, if they think the balance is right on both sides, then show off the Predator.

Come on devs, I’m not even trying to start anything, simply that if the game is good as it is and after two years of livestream gameplay has been only Fireteam for so long, don’t you think its time to change it up? Get some Predator gameplay in, time to learn how to hunt in the jungle.

I’ll revive this again after they come back on holiday break

They are not predator fans and just wanted to make a fps game with a punching bag of a monster that can be laughed at. So don’t hope for that, I would expect them to lose even vs potatos in pubs if they tried to play as Predator.

Well, its all the more reason to keep knocking on their door for Predator gameplay when the next livestream comes about. Long as we are consistent about it, I doubt they can keep ignoring the plea.

I mean maybe they can but I also say that don’t let up either, keep knocking.

I agree with both Pepestorm and Samhain. It’s very obvious that they don’t give a shit about the Predator in this game. That’s why we have mostly got only new classes and very few unique weapons (most new weapons are just copy/paste jobs from previous ones).

They just want us to play cosplay dress up with the preds so they can have something new to look at while they shoot it. It’s pretty hilarious that a game developer studio only cares and knows about one side of their own game when the rest of us have pointed out since the Beta days that this game has two sides, and BOTH are equally important. Talk about being ignorant and unprofessional, lol 😆

But I think Pepestorm is right about that things definitely need to change in order for this game to start living (it had way too many issues the first year). illfonic should definitely be put on blast for not showing the love for the Pred side as they show their love for the FT side. That shit needs to stop. Otherwise, this game will never change for the better.

Predator games have been extremely rare for a long time now. So, at least make this game better so fans can still enjoy it.

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