"Next Match" Option Please

Thanks to devs for the game (the game shows the vibes of the first Predator movie really good, thanks for the original soundtrack and catch phrases in fireteam voicelines, really atmospheric sounds) and another special thanks for the voiceline of Dutch, but i have a really annoying experience there (aside of number of the bugs which were showned here many times but still not fixed – “T-poses”, “no sounds” and “uncollectable veritanium”). So this is really simple.

Every time after the match with random people all of them need to go back to the main menu through the loading screen, push the “Find match” (or something - sorry, i’m playing non-english version of the game) button, wait for some not seconds but minutes (Predators - more than just few minutes), go through the loading screen again, wait untill the lobby will filled up… and only after that we can play another match.

Why there isn’t a simple “Next match” option (or “Play again”) in the menu at the results screen? There’s just “Go to main menu” option. I really can’t understand, why.

With that button we could go through really less dumb waiting time and loading screens. Really less. Less time spends for meaningless loadings and searching = more time spends for the game itself. I really don’t see any problem here. And MOST of modern online games has that option, like a 95% of them.

Someone wants to go off to have a pause for lootboxes or something? Ok, he can choose “Back to the menu” and his place in the lobby will be vacant for some other random person. That’s simple.

We even have that “No preferences” option at the start of searching process, so if more than one person chhose that we even can have a rotation of preds beetween games. That’s simple.

You are playing as a group? So there will be no “No preferences” option for you, you can play only as fireteam – you have private matches for rotation inside the group. And yes, we need “Random map” option for Private matches so we could play just match after the match instead of going through the loading screens repedeately and meaninglessly. That’s simple.

I really don’t understand why we don’t have that simple option.

PS: Sorry for my bad english.


Agreed they should add that option to the post hunt screen

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