Next patch

Will there be a patch tomorrow, or would it drop with the new content on Tuesday?

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Nobody knows for sure but if it isn’t today or tomorrow it certainly won’t be during the weekend.

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Yeah. I figured as much. I was trying to remember if any other games had released patches before content drops or if was always the same day.

you guys should make as the predator should grab or drag the fireteam to take him away to collect your trophy, they crawl when they’re wounded right, why not dragged them away. Instead of holding the button tapped it.


most likely theyll be releasing the patch when the new dutch chapter comes out which is the 26th so they do everything on 1 go.

They announced there would be a patch before the 26th DLC update so who knows. They also announced there would be crossplay invites during launch and there isn’t.

" New Content coming May 26th!

We have new content in Predator: Hunting Grounds arriving on May 26th!"

Isn’t the patch coming out with Arnie on the 26th?

Am I … am I missing something?

Yes, I would expect that. But was hoping for a patch before this weekend.

Naaaah, i don’t think so. They hardly roll out the patch balance and then throw us extra. content, I’m still waiting for new tools for the predator, which means that you need to balance them with the latest version of the game, otherwise you will get a tangle of hotfixes.

Most people would read this as one patch before the 26th DLC update but it could also be possible to interpret it as two updates in one day being the 26th.

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