Night maps have shadows still

Why are the shadows still there as if its day time still??? And the moon light is way to bright i can still see the sun rays beaming through the trees! Its the brightest moon I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

You just answered your own question…


do you WANT it to be pitch dark?

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The night mode and environment behavior is exactly how is suppose to be. The dev team did a good job with the Night maps in the sense.

As for the moonlight thing, looks like you never went out in the wild on a bright full moon night amigo. Your ancestors were able to see clearly in the past during full and bright moons, were able to organize and hunt.

That is why they call it “the Hunter’s moon”, that is what the Night maps have or suppose to be.

Is not a bug/issue.


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I swear people are just getting dumber and dumber when we see this kind of threads in the forum. The posters IQ level has started dropping below 80. 😂


The arguments against the moon being too bright are a bit over the top…

It’s a giant full moon in the middle of the jungle. The moonlight CASTS SHADOWS IN REAL LIFE.

I swear it’s like some people legit never go outside.

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It looks like a tortilla tbh

Bro .you cant be asking for a darker night…its way too dark as it is …they need to make it brighter …if anything …they neeed to add rain maps

No im saying the moon light beems through the trees as if its still the sun rays they just changed it from yellow to white

Thats not sure what im referring to i was saying if you look up you can see the moon light beaming through the trees… amigo.

I didn’t say to make it darker i said the moonlight beams through the trees as if its sun rays still just changed them from yellow to white instead of actually removing the sun rays

Show me shadows coming from the moon bro 😂😂 in a jungle it would be pitch black you wouldn’t see no shadows on the ground go outside 😂😂

I’m not even going to participate in the “moon doesn’t make shadows” debate. It’s as bad an argument as flat Earth…

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Then whyd you reply to me??? 😂😂😂 what an idiot 😂😂😂

the moon reflects light bro


I understand that, bro. My issue is that its just to bright it looks the same as the sun rays which in case you aren’t aware, the sun is supposed to be a lot brighter than the moon

moon rays

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Never seen moon rays especially like that